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World of smile: The right instruments for successful prophylaxis

Successful prophylaxis is based not only on a conclusive concept and a motivated practice team, but also on high-quality and well thought-out instruments. Find out more about which KaVo prophylaxis instruments provide you with targeted support in terms of indications, ergonomics and flexibility.

In recent years, dental prophylaxis has begun to play an important role in dental practices; not only driven due to the increased esthetic demands from patients. It has also made a significant contribution to avoid caries and periodontal diseases and is also an important pillar from an economic point of view.  In addition to a coherent concept, the tools for this are a practice team that successfully carries out the measures as well as high-quality and well-thought-out instruments.  Ithis webinar, Ulrike Nagorr, a specialist for instruments and treatment units at KaVo, will present these prophylaxis instruments in more detail.  Among other things, participants will have the opportunity to learn more about the range of indications, ergonomic application and special properties.  Topics: 
  • World of smile 
  • SONICflex 2008: Scaling talent, not only for teeth cleaning purposes 
  • PROPHYflex 4: Ergonomic air polishing 
  • SMARTmatic and EXEPRTmatic: Polishing for reliable “tooth shine” 
  • DIAGNOcam: X-ray free caries diagnosis 

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