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Why digital dentistry?—A business and logistical review to survive and thrive in today’s economy: Session 2

Under the headline “Digital applications for the dental lab: How and why you should take the plunge”, session 2 of this webinar series will demonstrate the potential benefits digital dentistry can provide to your laboratory costs and clinical procedures. Production, business aspects, and systems that can be used for implementation will be discussed.

This session aims to look at the the potential benefits digital dentistry provides your laboratory.  Both the production and business aspect will be discussed as well as possible systems that can be used for implementation.  We will break down possible costs as well benefits considering the current clinical procedures taking place.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn about the signs in your lab that may indicate it’s time to adopt a more digital workflow
  • Explore possible pitfalls and ways to avoid them
  • Navigate ways to leverage your investment in your community

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