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Unleashing the Secret Weapon for Periodontal Success – Motivating Patients in Practice

In this webinar we will look at the power of self performed oral hygiene, what it can achieve and the communication skills required to motivate your patient to change their behaviour, allowing you to get the best results from your periodontal treatment.

As we all know, successful treatment outcomes in the management of periodontal disease rely on having a motivated patient who provides very high standards of oral hygiene.

Many patients presenting with periodontal disease fall short of the standard required to allow us as clinicians to achieve the best possible results from our treatments.

Motivating patients to change their behaviour to adopt the home care techniques required for successful outcomes is one of the biggest challenges and without successful behaviour change, many of our treatments will be in vain.

In this dental webinar, we will look at what can be achieved with oral hygiene alone, the evidence base behind the recommendations that we should be making to our patients and the science of behaviour change so that we can get our patents doing more so that we can have successful periodontal treatment outcomes.


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