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Relentless perfection in the esthetic zone—The evolution of immediate implant placement and provisionalization

Achieving excellent esthetics with implants in the anterior zone is expected by all and yet this often leads to multiple grafting procedures at a high cost for patients. This lecture will demonstrate why immediate implant placement and provisionalization (IIPP) can simplify treatments and reduce the number of surgeries.

Immediate implant placement and provisionalization is now widely accepted as one of the techniques that is essential for ensuring optimal aesthetics in anterior zone.  Nonetheless, just less than a decade ago, it was not accepted as a main stream treatment protocol.

This lecture will explain the evolution of this treatment modality and how it has now been documented as one that provides optimal preservation of soft and hard tissues which is paramount in the aesthetic zone.

The benefits and pit falls of this practice; factors to consider during treatment of these cases will be discussed.   What factors governs the cases where IIPP is suitable and cases where IIPP is not suitable will also be presented with the current scientific publications.

Learning objectives:

  • Learning objective 1 Understanding the pros and cons of immediate implant placement and provisionalization (IIPP) in the anterior zone
  • Learning objective 2 Identify the criteria of success that governs IIPP
  • Learning objective 3 Appreciate the evolution of IIPP over 2 decades

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