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Quality Standards in Full Arch Implant Rehabilitation

Pro-Arch using BLX implant offers many benefits practically as well as biologically. Dr Fibishenko will examine the definition of success beyond osseointegration, and the ABC’s of ensuring the we meet our patients expectations irrespective of how complex the anatomy or clinical presentation might be

This webinar will focus on the diagnostic, surgical and restorative parameters/techniques to treat the edentulous, as well as those with failing dentitions, to achieve predictable fixed implant-supported restorations.   The trend in full arch rehabilitation has been to use fewer implants and load them immediately.  In pushing the boundaries of clinical therapy with the Pro-Arch concept, bone grafting and other adjunct surgical and restorative techniques using BLX Implants offer tremendous benefits in managing contingency and facilitating the most ideal implant placement for predictable aesthetics and optimal function, comfort, hygiene and longevity.   Pro-Arch offers improved delivery and predictability of full arch implant restorations. However the biological nature of osseointegration and patient individuality do not always suit a one-glove-fit all kind of an approach. Our treatment plan must suit the patient rather than have our patient suit a specific treatment. Before reaching for the scalpel we need to remember that we don’t just treat teeth or jaws. We treat people who are uniquely individual, with jobs, social lives, families and needs beyond our purely technical capabilities as surgeons. We need to understand that patients don’t want “implants”. What they want is the ability to smile and function with confidence, and uncomplicated possibilities in the event of failure. Our patients know that as dentists we are capable of “dental treatment”, …but what they actually need is a “solution” which does not merely replace one problem with a different problem.   Participants will Learn:
  • The ABC’s of success in full arch rehabilitations
  • Correlating the radiographic findings with clinical presentation to derive an appropriate surgical plan
  • Ways to assess and manage restorative space
  • How to use anatomic landmarks to ideally position the implants
  • Optimising the stability of implants for immediate loading
  • Understanding Zygoma implants, when to use them and how to safely and correctly position them
  • How to avoid complications in full arch rehabilitation

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