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Osseopromoting properties of SLActive® surface. Clinical learnings.

Osseointegration is now well established and the focus is shifting towards achieving ideal aesthetics, minimizing patient morbidity and achieving successful outcomes in compromised sites and patients.

Factors that influence peri-implant bone remodeling and timing of implant placement have a profound effect on labial bone maintenance, and active implant surfaces may enhance the outcomes.

With the introduction of Straumann SLActive hydrophilic surface and Roxolid short and narrow diameter implants, new avenues that are patient-friendly can offer opportunities to rehabilitate patients with minimal morbidity and cost-effective treatment protocols by mitigating risk and avoiding the need for major bone augmentation.

Learning objectives:

  • Osseopromoting properties of SLActive surface
  • Maximising use of hydrophilic implants in enhancing bone regeneration
  • Important dimensions for predictably achieving and maintaining aesthetically optimized implant restorations
  • Provide a clinical perspective and our experience with hydrophilic implants in challenging situations

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