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Dilemma between adaptation, sedation and general anaesthesia treatment—Making a clear decision

What is the best way of behaviour management for the child in specific situation: sedation, general anaesthesia or something else? What factors should be taken in consideration? We cannot make an important decision based on emotional factors but must rely on objective measurements.

There are more and more comfortable and painless clinics for children all over the world. But still a lot of kids have to be brave enough for dental visits. Our patients have a DBMP (dental behavious management problems) for many reasons. Sometimes it’s a negative experience after past dental treatment, sometimes it’s just a feature of character. We know and can correct many factors. Nowadays it’s much easier to find a really good dental clinic with sedation and GA. The main problem is decision. We hear from parents that they were in several clinics and all doctors have different opinion about effective way for treating their child. The main criteria for parent’s decision is trust to the dentist. But as specialists, we can not make an important decision based on emotional factors. Our decision needs to be taken based on many objective factors. All of us know the Indications for non-medical behaviour technic. But most of us has a different criteria of success. Is it «ok» if child cries a little bit or not? Is it already indication for sedation? Shall we speak with parents about GA if first visit with sedation was failed? Let’s systematise our approach based on clinical experience, results and literature recommendations. During presentation I’d like to discuss the way of professional planing and treatment children with DBMP. We will see examples of real patients – tactic of behaviour and clinical parts of dental treatment. Learning objectives:
  • Professional planning and treatment of children with DBMP
  • Algorithm to assist decision making
  • Presentation of real cases

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