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roots international No. 2, 2023

Cover / Editorial / Content / Combined treatment potentiates anti-biofilm and anti-cariogenic efficacy / Good oral health associated with improved survival among head and neck cancer patients / Prominent endodontist shares expertise on treating patients undergoing radiotherapy - An interview with Dr Josiane Almeida / How to handle complex endodontic cases - An interview with Dr Ruth Pérez-Alfayate / Comparative evaluation of apical debris extrusion associated with using reciprocating and rotary systems with variable tapers including single- and multiple-file sequences, and the influence of the glide path / On the pulse of endodontics—the key role of new technologies in root canal therapy / The piston technique—a novel approach to canal obturation / Broken file management with Er:YAG laser and SWEEPS technology—a case series / Chairside fabrication of a nano-ceramic hybrid composite endocrown for a severely damaged molar after endodontic treatment / Manufacturer news / Research examines burn-out during COVID-19, offers strategies for resilience / ROOTS SUMMIT 2024: Athens gears up to host premier endodontic meeting / Meetings / Submission guidelines / Imprint /